Carpathia Hosting Deploys Yunteq for Cloud


Posted on 7th July 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Yunteq, Inc announced that Carpathia Hosting has selected and deployed Yunteq’s YunController software to power the provisioning, management and automation of its InstantOn Enterprise Cloud offering.

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Carpathia Hosting needed core control and automation services for its cloud solutions.  Here are the main reasons that they chose Yunteq as a cloud software provider:

  • Policy-driven resource control – a powerful, policy-driven architecture that permits policies to be associated with, and enforced for, users, organizations, applications and infrastructure;
  • Templating and application life-cycle management – allowing the rapid creation and deployment of pre-built cloud applications;
  • Flexible multi-tenancy – allowing the incorporation of customer-specific organizational units and users for isolation, access control and charge-backs;
  • Network isolation – of multi-tenant traffic on shared network infrastructure;
  • Distributed storage – allowing cost-effective scaling of the cloud infrastructure;
  • Multi-site support – via a modular, federated architecture;
  • Hybrid cloud support – enabling elastic tiers in physically hosted applications;
  • Rapid integration – into E3Portal™ and internal workflows via simple, powerful APIs;
  • Enterprise-grade infrastructure support – for the Citrix® XenServer® hypervisor and NetScaler® application delivery controller technologies.

“Carpathia evaluated many cloud solutions before selecting Yunteq,” said Jon Greaves, CTO at Carpathia Hosting. “Our goals were to marry best in breed cloud technologies with our focus on enterprise and federal customers. Yunteq provided the basis for Carpathia’s innovation of compliance and hybrid cloud solutions for commercial and federal customers.”

“We are excited to be partnering with Carpathia Hosting in delivering their second-generation Enterprise Cloud,” said Nakul Saraiya, CEO at Yunteq. “We see Carpathia as leading the way in deploying cloud technology that meets the stringent requirements of commercial and federal customers, and look forward to working with them in helping enterprises realize the benefits of cloud computing.”

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