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Posted on 31st January 2011 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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BlueLock announced earlier today that the company has been named to HostReview’s 2010 Web Host Awards’ Best Cloud Computing Service list. HostReview every year posts the Best Web Hosting Awards to recognize innovators and market leaders in the hosting industry. Recently it has been rewarding outstanding contributions within the cloud hosting industry.

“We chose BlueLock as one of our 2010 Best Cloud Computing Services award winners because its cloud service continues to have a tremendous impact on the hosting industry,” said Darren Tabor, CEO, DevStart, network owner of HostReview. “A monthly winner of our Web Host Awards, BlueLock’s cloud computing service has proven to consistently provide outstanding performance and value, while enabling companies to more quickly get started on projects, grow and shrink their environments according to current needs and tap into the full benefits of hybrid cloud computing.”

BlueLock vCloud Datacenter is all about the power of the hybrid cloud. Learn what hybrid can do for you and how we can make it even easier with BlueLock CloudConnector for VMware Cloud Director. You can find more about the at their corporate website.

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