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Posted on 14th June 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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SeaMicro Launches an Atom-Powered Cloud Computing Server with 512 Atom processors in a 10u rack mounted unit. Thanks to clever engineering, the company has fit eight server processors into a card smaller than a sheet of paper and hundreds of chips into a space usually occupied by less than a dozen.

If you want to run an Oracle database or an OLTP server, then stick to a Xeon machine. But if you want to just serve up pages, “your calculator can do that,” said CEO Andrew Feldman. “You don’t need aggressive branch prediction and all these tricks that the microprocessor industry has brought in to wring additional performance out of processors.”

The SM10000 High Density, Low Power Cloud Server
Uses ¼ the power and takes ¼ the space of today’s best in class volume server. Designed to replace 40 1 RU servers, the SM10000 integrates 512 independent ultra low power processors, top rack switching, load balancing, and server management in a single 10 RU system. >

* 512 1.6 GHz Intel Atom CPUs in 10 RU; 2,048 CPUs/rack
* 1.28 Terabit interconnect fabric
* Up to 64 1 Gbps or 16 10 Gbps uplinks
* 0-64 SATA SSD/Hard disk
* Integrated load balancing, Ethernet switching, and server management
* Uses less than 2 KW of power
* Full List of Hardware Specifications

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