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Posted on 7th June 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Asigra launched today a big update to their flagship Asigra Cloud Backup product. Version 10 brings a long list of new features, but of biggest note to MSPs is the new support for laptop data protection, the release of Asigra’s API, and the ability to bulk-purchase licenses for virtual servers and manage them yourself. Asigra Cloud Backup is available as software or software-as-a-service.

For new and existing service providers who focus on data protection, IT constrained organizations, and industries with compliance mandates that are looking to improve their backup with a secure, reliable and predictable data protection cloud backup model, Asigra transforms the way businesses manage and protect their data by delivering market leading cloud backup solutions that seamlessly and efficiently manage, scale and deliver data protection services.

Asigra Cloud Backup can run on most private clouds, public clouds (SaaS) or a hybrid cloud models. There are over 100,000 sites that use Asigra solutions.

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