Apple Today vs Apple 2000

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Posted on 24th September 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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I thought this was a funny example of Apple back in 2000 compared to Apple today.  With all the advances in technology that we have infront of us.  The things we bought yesterday are outdated and are virtually useless.  Alright, you can still play Oregon Trail on this old 2000 Mac but it’s just not the same as WOW or any of the other games out there.  No, I do not play World of Warcraft but I do know the game.   We have so much technology at our fingertips, why aren’t we using it?  Are we still using old technology to power our future.
Cloud hosting is the way of the future and the way that we can all move from the old iMac g4 to the new iPhone4.  We can’t host our sites on servers that are 10 years old.  That’s a lie, we really can and we do but they aren’t near as good as the brand new Dell blade cloud servers that are available to us. Cloud servers are the way of the future, will you be the one stuck on the old 2000 server or the new 2010 blade cloud servers?  I’m gunna go with the cloud servers!
1. Google shows us that sites that load faster, get better ranking.
2. When a person visits a website, you  have 10 seconds to grab their attention before they are gone. If your website takes 10 seconds to load you might as well wave goodbye to that person.
3. Pay less, get more
4. Only pay for what you use.
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  1. Jesse Labrocca says:

    Really a nice one. Apple was a a major part in revolution for the electronics.

    Thanks a lot for the info.

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    3rd October 2010 at 11:43 am

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