App Engine: Cloud-Computing Defense By Google


Posted on 9th August 2011 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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The war of cloud hosting is on hype among all the reputed online players. In this turmoil scenario of hosting challenges placed forth by certain well-known names how come Google be resting on its back. Google has answered the virtual hosting solutions challenges through its defensive offer of App Engine. The initiation of this solution rests more on offering supremacy in computing tactics rather than merely raw applications. The solution offered by Google in cloud hosting is oriented more towards giving out exceptional application in emails and coding daises. Among the most straightforward offers by Google it aims at giving out modest rectifications in cloud computing’s and that is how it wants to make the persuasion of its clients to get molded towards the solution it offers in cloud computing and grab maximum of developers and networks. App Engine is one such effort of Google which it has been indorsing for target corporations and enterprises to get webbed in its services.

App Engine

After the successful launch of App Engine in 2008 it directed the trend towards smaller enterprises to get more stable in web medium and thus building modified applications. App Engine is made compatible with Pythagon language and the access to resources was made limited to the eventual users. With the passage of time the cloud server, App Engine was given certain productive modifications like addition of java features that was of significant success in corporate sector.

App Engine has adopted itself as a separate forum of service in cloud computing trends where it disperses numerous applications and virtual techniques among virtually weaved compound users. It offers access to limited resources but restrains the use to a certain limit to maintain the security aspect of cloud. It also offers additional modification of features with surplus charges to give expanded bandwidth, storage and other applications to the clients. Google aims at sustaining a cloud medium that is protected as a service platform. It aims at making the software a whole package and cloud computing a full fledge suite for the users on virtual medium. The outstanding features of App Engine have enhanced the scalability, the reliability and success rate of this cloud computing solution by Google. App Engine is supposed to give out the networked medium of all feasible solutions that will for sure serve as best alternatives to conventional dedicated and shared servers and is believed.

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