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Posted on 29th March 2011 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Amazon the cloud hosting and storage giant beat Apple, Sony, Microsoft and all the other music sites to the punch when they released a fully working cloud storage and playback system. Seems like it’s working well on the majority of desktop web browsers. The Amazon cloud players is also working on Android devices but it’s still not working on my iPhone or my iPad.  It really sucks that they didn’t optimize it for that kind of traffic because I think those are the majority of the people that are well off enough to pay for this service.  Most Android users complain about paying a $1 for an app where Apple users pay tons of money for their apps and devices.

It’s not a Flash issue, it’s pretty sad and STUPID but it appears that Amazon may have simply blocked the mobile version of Safari from playing back songs through Cloud Player. When you load the player on any of your iOS devices like the iPhone, you get a warning that the browser isn’t supported. You just left out MILLIONS of potential customers.

If you are an Android I think this is a good platform to run on but if you are running anything Apple such as the iPhone, iPad, or iTouch you will want to think twice before downloading this or purchasing anything that has to do with this.

Amazon Cloud Player Review Bandwagon : How is it going to work with all the carriers throttling my bandwidth?  Amazon is great at selling a service but can the large bandwidth cell phone carriers give us the bandwidth we need to stream this all the time?  Can I even access my movies that I’m paying to be on a remote cloud players servers? If 50 million people are streaming a movie at the same time at work is AT&T going to crap out on me like it does even without people doing this?

I give the Amazon Cloud Player a NEGATIVE Review because it won’t play on any of my iOS devices.  Amazon builds these types of apps and knows how to work with everything. They chose to leavout the iOS devices on purpose and I think that is not only stupid and will lose them a ton of money but bad for karma.  It’ll come back to bite them.

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