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Posted on 14th August 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Adaptivity provides integrated solutions that automate IT Delivery optimization across enterprise computing environments. Those behind the company built the largest private cloud while at Wachovia and are today building clouds with Unisys.

Adaptivity sees the Cloud Computing opportunity from a much broader perspective. “IaaS type resources managed externally from the enterprise do provide value; however, the larger opportunity is enabling enterprises to change how they deliver and consume IT resources,” says CEO Tony Bishop in a Q&A with Cloud Computing Journal.

Blueprinting as a Service Solutions for:

  • Cloud Design Accelerator – these solutions enable your company to quickly design and execute turnkey cloud programs while implementing the    practices, disciplines and capabilities needed to sustain it over time.
  • Data Center Design Accelerator – these solutions provide radical consolidation and optimization efficiencies in a fraction of the typical time frame through    the combination of data discovery and intelligent design methods and tools.
  • Application Optimization Accelerator – these solutions leverage best-in-class IT forensic methods and tools to deliver application remediations that    improve business performance without sacrificing IT efficiency or costs.

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