A Shift in Storage Strategies


Posted on 30th March 2012 by Peter Daisyme in Cloud Hosting

The way that companies are storing information is changing from traditional, on-site information to cloud storage strategies, which are a more efficient use of computing capacity. Dell cloud computing and similar technologies enable users to obtain the amount of electronic storage that they need from remote servers rather than have to house the storage capabilities themselves through the use of on-site traditional storage servers. Dell cloud computing companies place information in a storage “cloud,” which is basically an accumulation of unused storage space that can be used for any purpose necessary by any users that are connected to the same network as the storage cloud. Users that store information in the cloud are able to access the information from any device that is connected to the cloud, which allows for increased coordination between electronic devices. For example, if a business professional receives an email that includes a large file that features an important statistical analysis of some important financial indicators and then uploads that file to the cloud from the personal computer used to view the email, the business professional will also be able to access the file from a smartphone if it is connected to the same network as the cloud. This enables on-the-go access to important files without having to go through the tedious task of transferring files manually from one device to another.

Cloud storage is also a more effective and efficient form of storing information because it centralizes storage to one location instead of leaving files scattered throughout a system. It is easier to retrieve and protect files that are all held on the same server than it is to protect and access files that are stored in a variety of separate locations.

By outsourcing storage to remote servers, businesses are able to cut costs that would otherwise be associated with purchasing and maintaining costly servers and related computing equipment. In a commercial that I saw the other day featuring Charles Barkley as an IT employee at a fictional company (I know, it’s a bit ridiculous to consider the idea of Charles Barkley employed as an IT consultant, but I believe that in this ridiculousness lies the appeal of the advertisement), Charles Barkley is shown an empty room that has been turned into a half-court basketball practice room. Charles Barkley asks what happened to all of the servers, because the room was previously a server room that was filled with costly equipment, and an fellow employee informs Charles Barkley that the room is no longer needed for servers because the company has switched to cloud computing and the room is now available for use as a basketball court. Although this is a dramatized example and therefore cannot be taken literally, it shows how outsourcing storage capabilities by using cloud storage can free up physical space as well as cut costs and increase efficiency. By serving the needs of multiple businesses through one facility, cloud storage facilities represent a sort of technological example of specialization of labor, which indicates economic improvement. Companies are abandoning traditional storage techniques because cloud storage allows for greater freedom and more efficient use of resources without having to deal with the hassle of maintaining server facilities.

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