3Par For Sale, Who Wants It?


Posted on 27th August 2010 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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The back and forth between Dell and HP regarding the acquisition of data storage company 3Par continues all day today. Only a few hours after 3Par accepted Dell’s increased $1.6 billion offer, HP upped the ante again by offering $1.8 billion for the company, or $27 per share in cash.

In a letter to 3Par CEO David Scott, HP CTO Shane Robison argued that there are strategic advantages for 3Par to join his company: “HP is uniquely positioned to capitalize on 3PAR’s next-generation storage technology by utilizing our global reach and superior routes to market to deliver 3PAR’s products to customers around the world.” HP says that the addition of 3Par’s advanced server technology “would accelerate its Converged Infrastructure strategy, which provides customers with a portfolio of intellectual property across storage, server and networking solutions.”

Who will win this battle?  Well, it looks as if HP will win considering they did almost 100 billion more in revenue than Dell in 2009.  They have much deeper pockets and can afford 200 million (the price that they last upped Dell in the latest bidding war between the two huge cloud server giants).

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