Intro to the Facebook “Open Compute Project”


Posted on 7th April 2011 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

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Today Facebook is opening it’s doors to all of us in the hosting world to see how they have been scaling their data center.  The show us that the PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) in Facebook’s data center (Prineville) is much more efficient than the industry average (1.07 versus 1.5). according to the chart below provided my Facebook’s Data Center Team

“We think sharing this will help the ecosystem grow,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says. “

We think there will be a lot of demand for this,” he continues. He notes that the Facebook team has been working on all of this for over a year.

Zuckerberg then introduced Jonathan Heiliger, the head of operations and the overseer of the Open Compute Project. Heiliger spoke about the way most companies lease space in a datacenter, and how Facebook was in that position for seven years. Then they realized they could do better. So they opened their own datacenter in Oregon. And now they’re building a second one — again, with their own servers as well.

I’ll be interesting to see how many businesses take advantage of this in the future.


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