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Posted on 13th November 2012 by cloudhostingguy in Cloud Hosting

The trend of cloud hosting is an increasingly popular computer term that has many uses but different interpretations. For many involved in information technology services, particularly at the enterprise level, the first step for decision makers within relevant business sectors is usually; what is cloud hosting?

What is cloud hosting? Well, at the computer science level, the question of what is cloud hosting is usually understood to be a network of computer devices that are connected are synchronized, connected, and work together as a cohesive unit to provide a number of different services. In terms of web hosting, the inital question of what is cloud hosting is specifically understood to mean that all web hosting services, such as web, ftp, mail, and the like, that are running on different services in order to ensure that a failure of compromise in one server will be isolated and will not result in a failure in all of the services.

Usually, the user, which in most cases would be the client or business participating in the cloud hosting, would not have to worry about managing the actual technology or implementing any cloud related changes to their services. User friendly by nature, the user would only need to ‘worry’ about defining how they would like to utilize the services in order to streamline their implementation and use the services on demand. With this in mind, these inital answers to the increasingly important question of what is cloud hosting would likely encourage business leaders to switch to the cloud.

Put another way, what is cloud hosting could also be followed with the answer that cloud services are the delivery of computer capacity, in particular storage capacity, to users that would like to¬†securely¬†and reliably host their data on a third party server. The concept of the ‘cloud’ comes from the abstract idea of the complex interaction of the infrastructure involved in the technical nuances of the actual makeup of the cloud.

Currently, more granular answers to the question of what is cloud hosting can be broken down into three areas; infrastructure as a service, software as a service, and platform as a service. Software as a service is likely the most popular of the three. When using software as a service, businesses will also rent software and database applications in order to access the data that is stored on the cloud. Additionally, the business or user is able to access the data stored on cloud via a web browser or in some cases a mobile application. The benefit of this option as opposed to traditional hosting is that the actual data is stored on a remote server, but can still be accessed via the conventional, traditional methods.

What is cloud hosting? It’s an intelligent, technologically advanced way to safely and reliably host your data on a remote third party server, while having the same level of transparency and access as you would via traditional hosting methods. These brief, top level answers to the question of what is cloud hosting should be informative enough for any interested client to take the next step in pursuing cloud services.


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