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Top Cloud and Infrastructure Company on the AlwaysOn Global 250 List

Monday, July 26th, 2010

AlwaysOn Global 250 represent the top private companies that are demonstrating significant market traction and pursuing game-changing technology. This year OpSource cloud hosting technologies has been selected as the top cloud server in the nation. The list is selected by AlwaysOn editors in collaboration with partners at Manatt, Morgan Stanley, the Blackstone Group, KPMG, Silicon Valley Bank, Sonnenschein, and Bridge Bank, as well as industry experts across the globe. Judges recognize honorees based on market opportunity, nature of innovation, media buzz and awareness, commercialization and ability to create stakeholder value.

OpSource is a great choice in the cloud hosting world.  Not only has OpSource brought innovation in the cloud computing industry but it is bringing truly enterprise-class cloud hosting services to the market for all size businesses.  OpSource offers pay-as-you-go flexibility, 100% availability as well as high security, control and support of multi-tenancy

“After examining the companies that are on the AlwaysOn Global 250 list, it’s obvious that innovation is not only alive and well in the Global Silicon Valley, it’s accelerating in economic power and scope,” said Tony Perkins, founder and editor of AlwaysOn. “The winners certainly represent some of the highest-growth opportunities around, and we’re pleased to recognize OpSource for the great strides it has made in pioneering and developing the cloud infrastructure marketplace.”

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OpSource Partner Ecosystem

Monday, July 19th, 2010

OpSource announced the OpSource Partner Ecosystem, a comprehensive new program designed to enable integrators, developers, ISVs, cloud platform companies and telecom providers to offer integrated solutions for their joint customers. OpSource’s unique offerings address the needs for high security, control, performance and ease of integration.

OpSource said in a statement that more than 50% of its revenue will come from the Partner Ecosystem channel.  The OpSource Partner Ecosystem will speed enterprise adoption of cloud hosting by reducing the burden of integration, shortening time to market for new services, and lowering the total cost of implementation and ownership for both partners and customers. This will help companies thinking of switching to cloud servers to switch faster, and get the best option available to them. Cloud hosting is going to be huge.

“For the enterprise cloud to realize mass adoption, companies must recognize the importance of the channel,” said Antonio Piraino, Vice President and Research Director, Tier1 Research. “The majority of hardware and software is delivered through the channel today as part of larger solutions, but until now very few in the hosting space have acknowledged this simple fact. Companies that recognize the power of the channel and build their businesses around it will gain significant business advantages.”

  • Consulting and Development: OpSource’s Consulting and Development Partners provide professional services, integration and software development services to their enterprise and SaaS ISV customers. Partners include Montclair Advisors, Scio and Surge.
  • Cloud Platform: OpSource’s Cloud Platform Partners provide software, hardware and Platform-as-a-Service solutions that enable end users to more effectively test, develop, integrate, monitor, manage, analyze and secure cloud infrastructure and cloud applications. Partners include Apprenda, AppZero and Zuora.
  • Infrastructure: OpSource’s Infrastructure Partners provide best-in-class solutions that power the OpSource Cloud and Managed Hosting Platforms. Partners include Gomez, Oracle and VMware.
  • Telecom: OpSource’s Telecom Partners provide voice, data, ICT and managed services solutions to enterprise customer. For our Telecom Partners, cloud hosting represents an important component to their overall solutions portfolio. These partners are typically involved at all stages of development and launch and resell OpSource solutions. Partners include NTT America and NTT Europe.
  • Distribution: OpSource’s Distribution Partners resell cloud or managed hosting services as part of their distribution, VAR, agent, systems integration and outsourced solutions. These partners resell OpSource solutions. Partners include Cloud 49 and Healthcare Practice IT.

“As cloud computing continues gaining traction with enterprise customers, cloud services and managed hosting providers like OpSource have quickly responded to customers’ needs for security, portability and web application performance management,” said Tom Meusel, Vice President of Worldwide Channels, Gomez, the Web Performance Division of Compuware. “As innovators in this rapidly growing marketplace, we’re helping to advance cloud performance for companies of all sizes.”

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OpSource Announces Sponsorship of OSCON 2010

Friday, July 16th, 2010

OpSource announced that the company is a Silver Sponsor of OSCON 2010, O’Reilly’s Open Source Convention, to be held July 19-23, 2010, in Portland, Oregon. OpSource will be giving demonstrations of the OpSource Cloud, a cloud service for companies requiring enterprise-class performance as well as high security and control, in booth # 109. Clearly, this is helping move OpSource closer to the cloud than ever before.  This should be a great opportunity to see their new cloud servers in action.

“OpSource has a long, rich history with the open source community, and we are excited to continue supporting open source development in the cloud,” said Treb Ryan, CEO, OpSource. “Many of our partners, such as DreamFace and WaveMaker, have built powerful open source solutions for the OpSource Cloud. We look forward to seeing what will come next.”

OSCON 2010 brings together developers, designers, system administrators, IT managers and CxOs to explore open source technologies, including Linux, MySQL, the LAMP stack, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails and cloud computing.

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